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Our Community

Apart from the outdoor sporting activities and a large indoor sports hall, Claremont Stadium also acts as a Community and Education Centre with three large training rooms available for hire. These rooms are used by various community groups for meetings and activities.

Claremont Stadium is also home to three church groups who meet weekly for services. The centre also plays host to birthday parties, wedding celebrations, communion and christening parties and many more celebratory occasions. 

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Our Past

Over 40 years ago, Claremont Stadium was the brainchild of a group of enthusiastic parents, who got together each year to run a sports day. The event took place in a field close to the river Boyne which literally divides the town of Navan in two.


Eventually their idea grew and in 1979, Navan Athletic Club and Parkvilla Football Club purchased a six acre site that is now known as Claremont Stadium.


In 1994, the stadium comprising of an eight lane Olympic track, a soccer pitch and indoor sports hall was built.

Our Present

Today it is not only home to the Navan Athletic Club and Parkvilla Football Club who started it all, but to a vast number of clubs for people of all abilities who now call the stadium home.

Floristry Course  Clarmont Stadium 2022

Our Mission

We strive to welcome and support all members of the community who use the centre’s sporting, educational  and social facilities and services and aim to do so by  providing a safe, friendly and respectful environment.


Our Vision

Claremont Stadium more than a stadium, it is a community, and we're here to help everyone reach their potential and have a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

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